Vitalis the Young

Vitalis joined the Guild at an early age serving as Sashimi's apprentice. His passion was technology. He was clever, inventive, and keen on exploration. He wanted to improve upon Sashimi Macchiato's conception and created a new self-sustaining system. After the collapse of the Guild, he set sail in the Open Sea with hopes of finding a place where he could build a new prosperous society free from the King’s rule. The Open Sea was a new frontier full of uncharted territory. He wandered, drifting from coast to coast until he stumbled upon a small village. The Seals gladly welcomed Vitalis. It seemed fate had guided him on this journey. He introduced many new technologies to the Seal community. Day by day he integrated his decentralized system into the lives of the Seals. Through the creation of the Ethereum Crystal, Seal Village developed and prospered. The small village became the center of innovation and progress in the far reaches of the Realm.
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