The Kingdom of Apes

The Apes, a society of intellectuals, greatly valued science, technological, and magical development. Originating from where the Eastern Rainforests meet the numerous deltas opening into Languid Ocean, the Apes' schools of learning were famous throughout the Realm of Hodl. For the Apes, it does not matter who sits upon the throne or has collected the most wealth, the research and spread of knowledge is held above all. It is for this reason that the Apes served as emissaries to all kingdoms of the Hodl, hoping to advance civilization throughout the Realm. At the height of their power, they were led by Magus Gorr who, with her incredible skill at blending magic and technology, raised the Great Metal Tree that towers above the Eastern Rainforest. The sunlight reflecting from this eternal marvel can still be seen hundreds of miles away. Much of the advancement that the Empire enjoys today is due to the early efforts of the Apes.