The Kingdom of Grizwood

The Bears, a proud and powerful people, ruled throughout the domain of Grizwood, a vast forest stretching from the edge of the Great Plains to the Gloomy Mountain range. There are many tales of how the vicious Bears appeared within the Realm, but all anguished at their perseverance for war. A proud people known for fighting criminals, protecting the weak, and upholding the laws governing the Realm, they defended their home forests fiercely, both from outsiders and other tribes. Bears have long memories, and the stories of blood feuds between tribes are terrible to hear. Given enough time, they may have wiped themselves out and had no bearing on this story, if it were not for the efforts of Kozak, a tribal leader who codified a set of laws for his own tribe with an emphasis of justice and the greater good. Bears are a stubborn people but once swayed are just as fanatical in their new beliefs as they were of the old. Kozak, through diplomacy, intimidation and outright conquest, brought the rest of the bear tribes into his way of thinking. Crowned first Warlord of Grizwood, Kozak's laws had long been the glue that has held the Bears together before King Tusk's insidious efforts to pervert them.
Long before the unification of the kingdoms and his rise to power, King Tusk befriended the Bears and solicited their military power in numerous conflicts. However, as King Tusk grew ever stronger and his pockets ever deeper, the Bears indulged in his vast payments of gold and affluence. Greed and a lust for power replaced the Bears’ long held loyalty to justice and truth. They became mercenaries for hire and no task was too foul or profane if the price was right. Now King Tusk’s premier fighting force, the Bears have long struck fear and terror into the hearts of any who dare question the throne.