The Stonyte Settlements

Almost nothing is known of the Stonytes of the First Age. The few remaining remnants of this race are a pale shadow of their former glory, and virtually all of their history has been lost. It is known that abandoned Stonyte settlements are found in every mountain range of the Hodl Realms. The largest of these derelicts are found in the Badlands, where those explorers brave enough to face the unforgiving region report fantastical sights. Buildings of multi-colored stone that are seemingly created with liquid rock, resulting in flowing architecture of solid stone arches and spirals. Monuments built to Stonyte heroes that are still pristine, even though generations of wind, sand, and sun have worn surrounding rocks to nothing. Such artistry and skill are hard to believe of the lumbering and mostly homeless race that we see today. There are rumors that some settlements have survived the Great War and the Stonyte extermination that followed. These settlements are said to be buried deep underground, housing thousands of Stonytes with long memories and stone hearts filled with vengeance