The Beginning

In the beginning, all beings in the Realm of Hodl lived in peace and harmony. There were 6 races, the Seals, Bears, Apes, Penguins, Humans, and the now rarely seen Stonytes, rock creatures hunted to near extinction during the Great Wars. The early tribes of the Seals comfortably resided in the furthest reaches of the land upon the shores of the Open Sea, isolated from the emerging political developments in the heartland of the Realm. The Bears, a proud and powerful people, ruled throughout the domain of Grizwood, a vast forest stretching from the edge of the Great Plains to the Gloomy Mountain range. The Apes, a society of intellectuals, greatly valued science and technological development. Originating from where the Eastern Rainforests meet the numerous deltas opening into Languid Ocean, the Apes served as emissaries to all kingdoms of the Hodl, hoping to advance civilization throughout the Realm. The Penguins, largely a nomadic hunter-gather community, migrated on the Icey Fringes of the Hodl from the Northern Mountains to the Grand Ice Plateaus of the South. The Humans of Hodl Land sought economic power and wealth. They largely engaged in commerce with the Apes and Bears. Over hundreds of years their Kingdom, which rested within the heartland of the Realm, gained influence and prosperity.
During the Second Middle Age, it was King Tusk along with his Council that had used remnants of the Great Agreement to manipulate the existing conflict between warring kingdoms. They were sworn to take the newly formed Empire into an era of prosperity and joy. The Ancient Masters warned leaders it unwise to place such unchecked power in the hands of the King and his Councilors. Yet, the leaders, worn by decades of war, were foolish enough to think the King incorruptible. Greed and the lure of wealth never before seen in the long, troubled history of the Realm filled the halls of the Capital. It was not long before the darkest fears of the Masters were realized as King Tusk, joined by the Bears, marched his army into the Kingdom of the Apes. Like a plague, fear and despair scattered across the land. The citizens of King Tusk’s Empire lived under the scrutiny of a corrupt king sworn to protect the very place he had brought war, and no one was brave enough to question his rule.