The End of the First Age

As with most large conflicts, the real reasons behind the Great Wars are long forgotten. Whatever the original cause, most historians agree that the First Age ended in violence and flame. The many beings of the Hodl, once living in peace and harmony, were drawn one-by-one into conflict over long forgotten feuds and grievances. Human, Ape, Bear and Stonyte raided and destroyed their former friends and trade partners. As the war dragged on and things grew more desperate, atrocities became commonplace and the innocent suffered greatly. Only the Seals and Penguins, far removed from heartland of the Realm, managed to stay free of the conflict. The Great Wars ensued for many years, each new generation adding to the violence and hatred, until the Realm itself was on the verge of utter destruction.
Finally, after countless years of war, a young Ape scholar named Bombo stumbled upon a possible solution. While many of his peers had concentrated their research on areas of war and the defense of the Ape Kingdom, Bombo was tired of the never-ending conflict and vowed to bring it to an end. This vow led him to research some of the oldest parts of the Great School's archives. One night, while exploring yet another cobweb-filled records room, Bombo noticed light coming from behind one the teetering and half-rotting shelves. In an attempt to push it aside the entire case collapsed, spilling scrolls and books across the floor. Once the dust cleared, a small hallway hidden behind the former shelf was revealed to Bombo. A fait light coming from a small niche at the end of the passage illuminated a single scroll. It was the Great Agreement, an ancient and sacred spell that could magically bind those who signed it, ensuring there would be no betrayals which had plagued every peace attempt thus far. Excited, he took it to the Magus of the Apes, who sent word to all of the warring kingdoms that a solution had been found to finally end the Great Wars. From the Kingdom of Bears to the Human cities, leaders from every corner of the Realm assembled to negotiate one pact to end all hostilities and ensure lasting peace. Even the Villages of the Seals and Penguins from the Rural Outposts attended this groundbreaking peace agreement. With its binding magic, the Great Agreement enshrined a set of principles enforced throughout the land despite the varied culture, history, and beliefs of the once warring kingdoms. A single ancient capital, Hodlenia, was founded as the seat of the one true King to rule all nations. The capital was to be a place of opportunity and equality, a home for all who seek a better future.
Thus, the Second Age began.