The Realm of Hodl

The Realm of Hodl consists of all known lands and great bodies of water charted by the first Penguin Explorers. Ranging from the Northern Mountains to the Great Ice Plateaus of the South and stretching from the Open Sea in the Far West to the immense expanse of the Languid Ocean in the East, the Hodl contains a rich variety of woodlands and lakes, forests and plains, deserts and badlands. Indeed, only the Great Penguin Explorers of the First Age are said to have laid eyes on the complete vastness of the Realm. As time passed, many different kingdoms rose and fell. The many beings of the Hodl, once living in peace and harmony, were drawn into conflict over long forgotten feuds and grievances. The Great Wars ensued for many years, drawing in generation after generation until the Realm was on the verge of utter destruction.
It was the Great Agreement, an ancient and sacred treaty, that ended this warring period by uniting all nations. From the Kingdom of Apes to the Villages of the Seals, leaders from every corner of the Realm assembled to negotiate one pact to end all hostilities and ensure lasting peace. The Great Agreement enshrined a set of principles enforced throughout the land despite the varied culture, history, and beliefs of the once warring kingdoms. A single ancient capital, Hodlenia, was founded as the seat of the one true King to rule all nations. The capital was to be a place of opportunity and equality, a home for all who seek a better future.
Those were the days of old of the Realm. History that is slowly fading from the land.