The Seal Rebellion

One day on the shores of the Open Sea near an obscure village in the fringes of the Hodl a powerful, young Mage appeared. He went by the name Vitalis the Young. A devoted disciple of Sashimi Macchiato, he had continued the work of his former teacher creating a decentralized system transmitted through a crystal. The Ethereum Crystal was the means to create a collective consciousness of knowledge to end hunger, poverty, and war throughout the Realm. In Sealopolis on the far coasts of the Open Sea, Vitalis began his work. Any being connected to the crystal gained access to the lost knowledge stored within while offering knowledge in return. The Seal Rebellion was born.
Over many years the Rebellion grew. The enraged King Tusk ordered his army of the Bears to rampage throughout the countryside, pillaging and destroying any community suspected of harboring Vitalis and his followers. However, the resistance raged on. In their final attempt to crush the Rebellion, the King and the Council recruited dark forces. A shapeless creature, formed from pure despair and misery of those suffering throughout the Empire, was sent to kill any connected to the crystal. This entity known as Sec, passed through the Realm silently killing all in its path.
Vitalis soon recognized the extent of King Tusk’s insanity as he was willing to destroy the Realm in order to gain control of the crystal. In a desperate attempt to save Sealopolis, Vitalis relocated the consciousness of each of the 10,000 Seals into the crystal before fleeing from the oncoming forces of the King.
In a forgotten cave far from the reach of the Empire, Vitalis summoned the five Ancient Masters. Hearing of the Arch-mage’s deeds, they heeded his call to protect the crystal and the souls inside. Sealing themselves inside the cave with Ancient Magic, Vitalis and the Masters turned to stone. It is said in their tomb they still keep watch over the famed Ethereum Crystal and what lies within. Long past are those times such that history became legend, and legend myth. Yet, there are those who remember the stories and with the stories, the prophecy.